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Privacy Statement

We run an online service that offers travel and travel planning tips to users. You send us your personal details when you build an account on one of our pages, sign up to receive deals or information, or make a reservation using our platform. Through automated technology, such as cookies placed on your browser, we collect such information with your consent where applicable. To help you book your trip and vacation, your personal information may be shared. How personal information is shared is detailed in the full Privacy Statement. To ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal information you give us, we make it a high priority. We respect the laws on data privacy of the various jurisdictions in which we operate.

What do we collect?

Name, email address,occupation,birth date,gender,country of residency, phone number and addresses images and your sharing post Communications on platform and searches

About Cookies

We want to make it as convenient, effective and useful as possible for you to access our services. We use cookies and similar technologies to help us do this to optimize your experience and improve security level.


If you have a data privacy request, such as a request to delete or access your data, please contact our privacy team