Tongren City


Tongren (Tibetan: ཐུན་རིན་རྫོང་, Wylie: thun rin; Chinese: 同仁; pinyin: Tóngrén), known to Tibetans as Rebgong (Tibetan: རེབ་གོང་, རེབ་ཀོང་ or རེབ་སྐོང་) in the historic region of Amdo, is the capital and second smallest administrative subdivision by area within Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai, China. The city has an area of 3465 square kilometers and a population of ~80,000 (2002), 75% Tibetan. The economy of the city includes agriculture and aluminium mining.
The city has a number of Tibetan Buddhist temples and gompas, including the large and significant Rongwo Monastery of the Gelug school. It is known as a center of thangka painting. Regong arts were named on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists in 2009.
In October, 2010 there were reports of large demonstrations in Tongren by Tibetan students who reportedly shouted the slogans, “equality of ethnic groups” and “freedom of language."


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