Tano (田野町, Tano-chō) is a town located in Aki District, Kōchi Prefecture, Japan.
As of November 2018, the town has a population of 2,644. Over 1000 of the residents are over the age of 65. Tano's population density is 391 persons per km². The total area is 6.56 km². Tano is the smallest town by area on the island of Shikoku, and it is second in population density in Kochi Prefecture, following Kochi City.
Japan National Route 55 runs through Tano going east-west. Tano has two drug-stores, a supermarket, and convenience store for life necessities, a nursery, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and prefectural high school for education and child care, and a culture hall and library for public events. Tano is connected to the Tosa Kuroshio Railway Asa Line via Tano Station, and is part of a public bus route between Aki and Muroto.


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