Sparken is a skate park down by the building Hamnmagasinet and Ume River in downtown Umeå. The park is located right under the Tegsbron that takes E4 and E12 over the river. The park is around 20 meters wide and 120 meters long. The park's name (English: The kicker) came from a name giving contest. The main features of the park were developed by a reference group and the Canadian design company New Line Skateparks INC drew up the final design. The park is built entirely of concrete, with so-called rails and a surrounding fence. The park was finished in 2009 and was then the first part of a major infrastructural project in Umeå reshaping large parts of the city center, a project named the "City between the bridges" (Staden mellan broarna). The park won the Swedish Association of Architects Upper Norrland's Architecture Prize in 2012.


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