Shazdeh Garden




"Shazdeh Garden" or “Shahzadeh Garden” is located within 4 km of Mahan city in Kerman province on the way to Bam within 35 km southeast of Kerman. This Iranian garden is on the list of national monuments of Iran and also inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage Site List as one of the Persian Gardens.
The first attempt of constructing Shazdeh Garden dates back to the thirteenth century at the end years of the Qajar dynasty by the order of the ruler of Kerman and Sistan.
The area of this flat garden is approximately 5.5 hectare at an altitude of 202 meters above sea level which is rectangle in shape. The length of this Iranian garden helps to provide a perspective before the eyes of the viewer.
As you enter this eye-catching garden, you will see two stunning steps which the lush interior of the garden can be visible. After passing this part, you will enter the interior of the garden.
The structure of the Shazdeh Garden is a storied structure. A thatched brick wall surrounds the mezzanine which has 8 watchtowers. The pavilion is placed at the end and the highest part on the southwest side of the garden. From the pavilion to the entrance of the garden, various structures have been placed. There are 5 fountains, inside the pool in front of the pavilion, which the water can rise up to 8 meters.
The water system of the Shazdeh Garden is irrigated by the Tigran River. Not only does it help to irrigate the trees and plans along its way, the water flows down through a series of steps and falls. Across the garden, 11 steps have created 9 waterfalls. Next to each step, 4 cypress trees have been planted on both sides. In addition, several stairs have been built for passage. On both sides of the steps, there are a variety of plants such as planes, cypress, pine trees and fruit trees as well as flower bed sidewalks.




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