Salto del Guairá


Salto del Guairá (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈsalto ðel ɣwajˈɾa]) is a city in Paraguay. It is the capital of the department of Canindeyú. The city is located about 200 km north of Ciudad del Este.
The name "Salto del Guaira", Guaira Falls in English, was because in this point there was a falls that was border with the twin city on Brazil, that after the construction of Itaipu lake the falls was covered.
The Colony Salto del Guairá, was founded on March 3 of 1959, by a private company called "Colonizadora Salto del Guairá S.A" according to a note received by the firm's directory, formed by Mr. José Luís Serrati, Mr. Ibrahin Abud and Mr. Carlos Ricardo Méndez Goncalvez. Before its foundation, the place was named reserve #10, and later, by Ministerial resolution on October 17 of 1972, the Church council was created. This depended of Hernandarias District, and, at that time it was integrated by three renowned neighbors: Col (SR.) Isabelino Pimienta Medina (+) as the president, Carmelo Peralta as the treasurer, and for the secretary position, Prof. Pedro Ramón Girett.
On July 30 of 1973, the Executive power passed law 390, creating the district of Salto del Guairá and also setting a third category Municipality, separating from the district of Hernandarias. That same year, with law #426 of Territory political division, on expense of the separation of the territories of Caaguazú and Alto Paraná that loses all the north area of the Itambey river, with the district of Salto del Guairá.
The Municipal board requested to be elevated to first category on May 29 of 1974, based on the legal dispositions and for having the requirements demanded. In consequence by Decree Law 7131 dated July 2 that year, it promoted to the First Class City of Salto del Guairá, becoming capital of Canindeyú Department.
Its establishment coincides with the period of advancing agricultural frontier eastward, the construction of the Itaipu Dam and the extinction of the waterfalls in Saltos del Guairá


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