Qaem Shahr


Qaem Shahr pronunciation (Persian: قائم‌شهر‎, also Romanized as Qā’em Shahr; formerly known as Shāhi (Persian: Ŝāhi) is a city and capital of Qaem Shahr County, Mazandaran Province, Iran. At the 2016 census, its population was 204,953.
Originally known as Aliyabad, the name Ŝâhi (Shahi) was used until the Iranian Revolution in 1979 when the city acquired its current name.
The city is situated 237 kilometres (147 mi) north-east of Tehran; 20 kilometres (12 mi) southeast of Babol; and 23 kilometres (14 mi) south west of Sari which is the capital of Mazandaran province.
In 1951, Qa'em Shahr's population was around 18,000, growing to 123,684 in 1991. The city is where the North Iranian railway quits the fertile plains of Mazandaran to cross the highest mountain range of the Middle East, the Alborz.


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