Pravets or Pravetz (Bulgarian: Правец, also transliterated as Pravec, pronounced [ˈpravɛt͡s]) is a town in Pravets Municipality in central western Bulgaria, located approximately 60 kilometres (37 mi) from the capital Sofia. Pravets is home town of Pravetz computers, "Pravetz" is also a surname.
Pravets has a population of 4,512 people. Mountains surround it, which allows for a mild climate with rare winds. In the outskirts there is a small lake used for fishing and recreation. The town is the birthplace of Bulgaria's longtime communist President Todor Zhivkov. Likely for this reason was the first microprocessor factory in Bulgaria established in Pravets. These computers, which were also the first in Bulgaria, were named Pravets-82, being itself a direct clone of 6502-CPU-based Apple ][ computer.
Today, the town is most famous for its Computers and technology systems high school and the RIU golf resort complex. There is also a language high school by the name of Aleko Konstantinov. It prepares many students who continue their undergraduate education in Bulgaria, England, the US, Germany, and France. The Professional Computing and Technology Systems high school is one of two technical schools in Bulgaria, which prepares students for the Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria and allows for direct admission to the University to its top students.
During the school year, the town is filled with students from different towns and villages.


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