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If you have visited Golestan Palace, you may know that the remaining of Karim Khan Zand has been buried under Karim Khani Nook and was later moved to Shiraz during Pahlavi dynasty. The question is what happened to them after that?
Nazar Garden is one of the beautiful gardens of Shiraz. It is an octagonal mansion that was initially built as a greeting room for guests and had ceremonial arrangements. The mansion has a central hall with four alcoves or Shahneshin on the ground. It was built in 1315 SH by the efforts of Society for the National Heritage of Iran as well as Ali Asghar Hemmat. After the change of its function, it was opened as a museum outside Tehran and is known as Pars Museum of Shiraz.
Pars Museum is where the remaining of Karim Khan Zand was moved to, and today it is also called the Karim Khan Tomb. An interesting point is that the mansion that is now the museum, was built by Karim Khan himself. Relics and artifacts from pre-Islamic and Islamic era are exhibited in this museum.
Pars Museum has in its collection valuable artifacts such as metals and coins that belong to fourth millennium B.C to contemporary history. In addition to pre-Islamic objects, many ten covers of the holy Quran are accompanied with elegant collections of watercolor paintings. Papier-mâché works of artists from Zand era can be seen, too. However, it is a sword known to belong to Karim Khan Zand that attracts the attention of the visitors.
Another unique object of the museum is Haftadman Quran. It was handwritten in Muhaqqaq calligraphy by Ibrahim Sultan, the Timurid prince, in ninth-century AH. This is the same Quran that was at first kept on the portal of Darwazeh Ghor’an and was later moved to Pars Museum in 1316 SH.
However, it feels like Karim Khan Zand Tomb in the center of this complex. Following his will, he was buried in the eastern alcove of the mansion in 1193 AH. His remaining was later moved to Tehran by Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar. He despised Karim Khan Zand so much that buried his remaining in Golestan Palace so that he would disgrace them under his feet every day. Eventually, they were moved back to Nazar Garden where they were buried for the final time.




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