Olympic Park


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In 1988, Seoul hosted the Summer Olympics, and the Olympic Park has since been transformed into a massive green space where locals come to relax. Located on the site of the ancient Mongchon Toseong Fort, the park contains extensive grassy lawns, sculpture gardens, pavilions and walking paths, making it a popular picnic spot on the weekends.,

The Olympic Park is divided into four sections. In the Culture Art Park, you find the Olympic Museum and the Seoul Olympics Museum of Art. Locals come to the Leisure Sports Park for skating, walking, jogging and socializing, while the Environmental Eco-Park offers a bit more solitude as well as bird watching opportunities. If you want to see the Mongchon Toseong Fort, you find it in the History Experience Park.

The park is so large that theres a tram to ferry visitors from one point of interest to another. If youre planning to explore on foot, set aside at least three hours to see the entire area and its facilities.




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