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The Fire Temple of Zoroastrians was established in 1303 SH by the aid of some of Persian magus and the Association of Kerman Zoroastrians under the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi, after ten years of construction. Currently, this valuable structure is among the National Heritages of Iran indicating its historical, architectural and cultural position in Iran.

It has a round structure, columned and bricked, with two stories in the middle of a garden full of cedar and pine trees and a land of 8000 square meter area. It has a short green door with a thatch wall on two sides. The door is opened to the Minasara of the fire temple.

In the middle of the garden on top of the façade of fire temple’s entrance three large Zoroastrians’ tenets have been written in Pahlavi: “Humata, Huxta and Huvarshta” or the same good thoughts, good words and good deeds.

It is stated that this fire temple has remained from the same permanent fire that was taken to India from Iran after the collapse of Sassanid dynasty. The hall of fire is one of the main halls in this structure.

Iranian Zoroastrians helped construction of the Ethnography Museum of Kerman’s Zoroastrians in the same two-story building from 1370 to 1380 SH and it was opened in 1384 SH in time of holding the ceremony of Tiregan. The objects of this museum are installed in two columned story. In the first one, you can see the items related to the kitchen like samovar, grindstone and pounder, Zoroastrians’ cloths like Lachak, Charghad, jacket, embroidered shirt and pants, fireplaces, downpipes, incense burner, tulip lamp, old books, Forouhar symbols, inscribed petroglyphs, potteries and statues of the great figures like Maneckji Limji Hataria. Interesting among the objects of the second story are old pictures and documents. And you can see in the space between two stories some utensils and old agricultural tools along with the ruler Keykhosrow Shahrokh, Mirza Barzoo Amiqi and many more. Meanwhile, a manuscript and a hand firebox is spectacular related to 200 years ago.

In the second half of 1397 SH the project of reconstructing Fire Temple of Kerman Zoroastrians was finished during which the drainage of walls, replacing the damaged brick texture, restoring four fundamental columns of fire hall, paving the ground of three halls, reconstructing the ceiling of two halls, bricklaying of the fire hall and improvement were carried out.

Fire Temple of Kerman Zoroastrians is located in Moshtaqieh square, Zariseif street, Barzoo Amiqi street, Kerman city. The building of the great school of Zoroastrians was in front of a garden that had been the house of the deceased Jahangir Oshidari.




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