Kuhpayeh (Persian: كوهپايه‎, also Romanized as Kūhpāyeh, Kūhpāye and Koohpayeh; also known as Kūhpā and Qohpayeh) is a city and capital of Kuhpayeh District, in Isfahan County, Isfahan Province, Iran. At the 2011 census, its population was 4,587, in 1,335 families.Kuhpayeh is a historic city that located in 70 kilometres (43 mi) east of Isfahan.
The word "kuhpayeh" means "the foot of mountain" or " the base of mountain" and there are several cities and villages across Iran named "Kuhpayeh". The stoning of Soraya Manutchehri, a 35-year-old woman falsely accused of adultery on August 15, 1986, happened in a village with the same name in the Province of Kerman, not in this city.Kuhpayeh has a distinct language/dialect, known as "Velayati" or " Kuhpaye'i" and very similar "Gazi language", which belongs to the north-western Iranian languages. (Indo-European -> Indo-Iranian -> Iranian -> Western -> Northwestern II -> Tatic -> Kermanic/Central Plateau -> Southwestern -> Velayati/Gazi)


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