Krasnoznamensk (Russian: Краснозна́менск, lit. Red Banner Town), formerly Lasdehnen (1734-1938; Lithuanian: Lazdynai) and Haselberg (1938-1946), is a town and the administrative center of Krasnoznamensky District in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia, located on the Sheshupe River, 163 kilometers (101 mi) northeast of Kaliningrad, the administrative center of the oblast, and approximately 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) to the south of the border with Lithuania. It has a population of 3,522 (2010 Census).Historically known as Lasdehnen, the town belonged to Prussia since 1701 and the German Empire since the unification of Germany in 1871, and was located in the province of East Prussia until 1945. During the Nazi Germany era it was renamed Haselberg until the territory was annexed by the Soviet Union following World War II. The town was renamed Krasnoznamensk and became the administrative center of Krasnoznamensky District in 1947.


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