Huaihua (simplified Chinese: 怀化市; traditional Chinese: 懷化市; pinyin: Huáihuà Shì) is a prefecture-level city in the southwest of Hunan province, China. it covers 27,564 km2 (10,643 sq mi) and is bordered by Xiangxi to the northwest; Zhangjiajie, Changde to the north; Yiyang, Loudi and Shaoyang to the east; Guilin and Liuzhou of Guangxi to the south; Qiandongnan, Tongren of Guizhou to the southwest. It has 4,741,948 of population (2010 census), accounting for 7.22% of the provincial population. According to 2010 Census, there are 2,909,574 Han Chinese, Han shares 61.4% of the population, 1,832,289 population of minorities, 38.6%; Dong, Miao, Tujia, Yao and Bai are major native minorities. Huaihua is the central region of Dong ethnic population, there lives 816,481 Dong people (2010 census), it shares 28.35 per centage of Chinese Dong ethnic group.Huaihua is very mountainous, it is located between Wuyi and Xuefeng mountain ranges, Yuan river runs from the south to the north; the forest coverage reached 70.8% in 2015.


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