Ganj Nameh


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Ganjnameh waterfall is located near the city of Hamedan, at the foot of Alvand mountain, next to Ganjnameh inscriptions. The inscriptions of Ganjnameh have been established here by the order of Darius the Great, the Achaemenid emperor, after the order to erect the inscription of Biston.
There is also a stone inscription from the emperor Xerxes on the right side of the inscription of Darius. Each of these two is carved in three columns and in three cuneiform lines of Elamite, Akkadian and ancient Persian. These inscriptions are also called Ganjnameh, Jangnameh and the inscription of the gods. "Great is the god Ahuramazda who created this land, who created the people, who created happiness for the people, who made Darius king ..."

Ganjnameh waterfall is 12 meters high. At the bottom of the waterfall, pits have formed over time and water pressure.
The geological structure of Alvand shows granite, quartz and limestone rocks, dates back to the Cretaceous nearly 100 million years ago and is located within the limestone formation of Qom. The vegetation around Ganjnameh waterfall includes plants such as azerbeh, thyme and rhubarb.
The tourist section of Ganjnameh near the waterfall has a 1,680-meter cable car that hangs 800 meters above the ground. You can also find the game city, coffee house, restaurant and guest house in Ganjnameh. Also in winter, glaciers and in summer climbers and climbers come to the walls of Ganjnameh waterfall and its surroundings.




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