Chalus (Persian: چالوس‎, also romanized as Chālūs, Chaloos, Chalousse, Chalous, and Čālūs) is a city in Mazandaran Province in north of Iran. It serves as the county seat for Chalus County. According to the 2006 census, it has a population of 44,618, in 12,791 families. Chalus is a major vacation destination for Iranians during holidays for its nice weather and natural attractions.
The people residing in Chalus speak Mazanderani language. In the west of Chalus, the dialect of Kalarestaqi is spoken and in the east of Chalus, the dialect of Kojuri.
What is more, one of the great attractions of Chalus is the road leading to Chalus, widely known as Chalus Road. This attractive city with its delightful attractions has a great reputation for a number of magnificent villages, one of which is called Shahrak-e Namak Abrud. This village offers a variety of different entertaining activities, such as cable car, offering a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains.


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