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Bandar-e Mahshahr (Persian: بندرماهشهر‎, also Romanized as Bandar-e Māhshahr, Bandar-e Ma‘shūr, Bandar Mah-Shahr, Bandar Mah Sharh, Bandar-mashoor, Bandar-Mashour, Bandar Ma‘shūr, Bandar Mashur; also known as Bār Andāz, Māhshahr, Mah Shahr, and Mashur) is a city and capital of Mahshahr County, Khuzestan Province, Iran.
Bandar-e Mahshahr is an ancient city and port in the Khuzestan province in south-western Iran. Originally known as Reyshahr and then Machuleh, it eventually came to be known as Bandar-e Ma'shoor. The name changed again in 1965, this time to Bandar-e Mah Shahr. "Bandar-e" means "the port".
The word Mah-shahr is Persian and means "moon city".
The city's port is one of the most important in Iran, exporting gas and refinery products from Abadan.
Mahshahr has two universities. Islamic Azad University of Mahshahr and Amirkabir University of Technology, Mahshahr campus. Both universities concentrate on engineering programs, especially petroleum and petrochemical engineering. Most of its people spoke a dialect that was a mixture of Southern Lorish and Bushehri, that is stil spoken by some elderly people and by younger generations mostly in rural area (,the dialect though still thrives in Hendijan and esp. Genaaveh). But now Mahshahr-ians are mainly Persian-speaking. Local Persians are mostly of Behbahani, Qanavati, and Bandari families. There is also a local Arab-speaking minority whose roots go back to Qabban in Iraq.


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