Badab Soort




Badab Soort ( Badab-e Surt), are the rare stairway springs in Iran and the world that includes several springs with completely different water in terms of color, smell, taste and the volume. It has been inscribed as the second salt water spring in the world after Pamukkale spring in Turkey. Badab Soort springs consist of two springs; one with an upper volume of water, very salty and not being frozen in winter due to its salinity which has a pool with a diameter of 15 meters with high depth and it is mainly used for swimming in summer.

The spring water is useful for treatment of back and leg pains, skin diseases, rheumatism, migraine headaches. The second spring, located in upstream and northwest of these springs, is tart, red and orange and brings the iron oxide from the depth of the rocks to the ground. Sedimentary and mineral water flow of these springs has created the unique and very beautiful layers and stairs ponds in orange, yellow and red color and various sizes in its mountain downstream slope over time. The heights and the hills covered by pine forests, shrubs, bushes and valleys around the springs have created an eye-catching landscape.




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11.17 °C

0.81 meter/sec, 101°


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11.05 °C

1.48 meter/sec, 130°


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