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Al-Jawf Province (Arabic: ‫منطقة الجوف‬‎‎ Minṭaqah al-Jawf pronounced [alˈdʒoːf]), also spelled Al-Jouf, is one of the provinces of Saudi Arabia, located in the north of the country, containing its only international border with Jordan to the west. It is deemed one of the oldest habitation places in Arab Peninsula so that habitation places were found back to the Stone Age periods and Acheulean civilization. Habitation has continued there throughout the Copper Age and a kingdom has formed known as the kingdom of Qidar (the kingdom of Dumat al-Jandal and also the kingdom of Adumato) which was in rebellion and conflict with the Assyrian state for the independence, in this period which the name of the Arabs appeared in historical texts. Later a Christian kingdom arose under the rule of the Bani Kalb tribe and it has continued until the arrival of Islam and its annexation to Islamic lands. Then the Tayy tribe and its branches controlled the region and its surroundings. With the beginning of the modern era and the emergence of the third Saudi state, Al-Jouf was a site of conflict between the Al-Rashid family and the Al-Shaalan family, but the region was eventually subject to the rule of King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud as part of his plan to unify the regions.
The Al-Jouf region is considered one of the most fertile regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As well as the Basitah Center – one of the Al-Jouf centers affiliated to Tabarjal town "the food basket of the Kingdom" due to the variety of its crops. Because of its geographical location in the region, its being a moderate climate in the summer, its soil fertility and abundant groundwater, that helped it to get this title. [4] The region is famous for cultivating olive trees [5], where actually Al-Jouf produces approximately 67% of the local olive oil production in the Kingdom. [6] Al-Jouf is also popular for planting palm trees, because it produces approximately 150,000 tons of dates every year [7], In addition to its production of fruits, vegetables, wheat and barley.


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